Meva Energy presents at the 8th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference

Meva Energy presents the proceedings from the tissue drying test campaigns conducted by RISE-ETC at syngas from the Hortlax plant. In short, the conclusion from the report was that fossil LPG/NG can be replaced in the tissue drying process by renewable syngas produced by a Meva Energy biomass gasification plant.

The main conclusion from the test campaigns is that a replacement of LPG or natural gas to Meva Energy´s syngas is possible from a perspective of combustion products and combustion stability.

The study showed that:

  • The syngas was completely combusted and there was no tendency for unstable flame
  • The calorific value of the Meva syngas is sufficiently high to generate the required combustion temperature (no need for the enrichment with other fuel)
  • Combustion emissions were low- NOx emissions, for instance, were generally lower than for LPG
  • The amount of particles in the exhaust gases was low
  • Drying of tissue paper in the hot exhaust gases produced using the stable complete combustion of the Meva syngas did not cause noticeable visual imperfections or odor on the paper
  • It is likely that Meva Energy´s gas cleaning system can be simplified, since the combustion properties of syngas subjected to different extend of cleaning were similar

The results will be presented at 8th Nordic Wood and Biorefinery Conference (NWBC2018)