Key to get a profitable gasification process is to utilize low cost biomass. Meva Energy’s gasification technology could use fine fraction, second generation biomass residues, i.e. sawdust, wood fibers, agricultural residues etc.

The main use of biomass should be to create products such as food, houses, furniture etc. and only the residues and the used material should be used as an energy source. Today there are an excess of biomass residues, especially the low value biomass that Meva Energy utilize. A variety of feedstock could be used and if necessary it will be pre-processed, e.g. dryed (more than 15% moisture) or grinded (larger than 1,5mm). The biomass handling system will be adopted towards the local available biomass.

According to the European Sawmill organization, about 85 million m3 of sawn softwood is being produced each year. This represents a production of saw dust and bark of about 30 million tons.

This feedstock resource is today representing a low value as it sits in the saw mills site and the low fraction character makes it difficult to transport. Pellets production is of limited value and the particle board industry is only in need of a small fraction of the saw dust produced.

A very large part of this resource is just being burned and destroyed. Utilization as fuel to produce power and heat locally at the sawmill without transport with Meva’s technology is an attractive option.