Process heat, Power or both

Producers of tissue paper, ceramics, furniture, aluminium, glass, textiles, gypsum, food etc. need either

Meva Energy can supply a cost-efficient renewable solution for both, utilizing local biomass residues .

Replace fossil liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas by renewable syngas to generate industrial process heat.

Due to stability of gas composition and very small variations of gas flow and pressure it is possible to replace existing fossil gases also in sensitive industrial processes, like drying of tissue paper.

Combustion of Meva Energy syngas is odor-free and exhaust gases have very low levels of particle content.

An example of tissue paper production: significant carbon footprint with conventional fossil gas combustion for process heat

CHP application: renewable local power and heat production

High efficiency due to lean burn combustion

To the knowledge of Meva Energy, Meva’s technology is the only gasification system in the world being able to use lean burn CHP engines. The reason is simple; the incomparably continuos and stable character of the process ensures that the gas supply exhibits extremely small level of variation.


CHP application in a wide range of installations

The technology is suitable for several different applications characterized by fuel type and heat application. Possible applications for the current set-up of 1.2 MWe and 2.4 MWth include:

  • Industry: chemical plants, saw mills, refineries, laundries, food industry, plastic molding industry, farming and green houses
  • Commercial: office buildings, airports, shopping malls
  • Residential: DHC systems, multi-family housing, planned communities, hotels
  • Institutions: schools, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals

Beside having maximum utilization of the produced heat, the key to reach maximum profitability conditions is to use a low cost fuel. As the system can use saw dust as fuel, one particularly interesting segment is saw mills and wood-producing industry where saw dust is a by-product.

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