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Board member – Göran Nyström
Phone: +46 (0)70 7143091

The Hortlax plant


Meva Energy is the world’s leading provider of gasification technology for renewable energy production. The Meva Energy plant is unique and first of its kind. 

Investment case

Sustainable low cost gas and power production based on bio waste, such as sawdust, agricultural residue, bark, etc. 

Unique and patented technology

Totally fossil free power and heat production

No comparable technology can deliver sustainable power and heat at such a low cost. In spite of being small scale Meva’s solution is very efficient and highly profitable

Meva’s technology is stable and independent on outer conditions, as opposed to alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro power

Meva’s plant is small and consists of a few moduls, it is easily mounted with a minimum of maintenance required

Meva’s plant can easily be placed anywhere, even in remote areas without electricity, given bio fuels near-by. Meva’s technology therefore has great potential in areas with limitations in the electrical grid, low population density or in growth markets with a dysfunctional electricity grid

Meva’s unique technology, the possibility for power and heat providers to utilize biomass in a very efficient and profitable way combined with a wide range of applications all combine to create a large potential market for Meva.

If you are interested in investing in Meva Energy, please contact:

Board member – Göran Nyström 
Phone: +46 (0)70 7143091

Value creation by choice of feedstock.

Gasification and Future Outlook

Four reasons for gasification of solid biomass for distributed cogeneration is the next major growth area within the bioenergy industry:

  • Gasification is the only financially viable power generation technology for biomass in the range up to 10 MWe, so called small-scale power stations.
  • Small and decentralized power stations is the only way to minimize distribution losses of power and heat.
  • Biomass does not compete with farmland for its production but is normally a by-product from the forest or agricultural industry.
  • Cogeneration based on biomass is the only non-intermittent renewable energy technology. As such it constitutes a necessary complement for balancing the power grid for weather dependent power sources such as wind and solar power.

Second generation biomass new opportunities

The surge of low cost 2nd generation biomass such as wood dust, agricultural residue, straw and fibre residue means new horizons in gasification value creation. Simply said, by using such low cost feedstock the resulting power is produced at a lower cost. This development aligns perfectly with Meva Energy as the its technology has a unique acceptance of feedstock in very small fraction sizes – which usually is a feature of 2nd generation biomass.