Gas for industrial process heat

Replace fossil liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas by renewable syngas to generate industrial process heat.

Due to stability of gas composition and very small variations of gas flow and pressure it is possible to replace existing fossil gases also in sensitive industrial processes, like drying of tissue paper.

Combustion of Meva Energy syngas is odor-free and exhaust gases have very low levels of particle content.

“Meva’s cyclone gasification technology applicability with low grade and low cost biomass constitutes a truly disruptive new power technology enabling a greatly improved utilization of such biomass”

Björn Kjellström, professor em. In Energy Engineering
Luleå University of Technology

Tissue paper production: significant carbon foot print with conventional fossil gas combustion. 

Example: enabling fossil-free tissue production with renewable syngas

The final step of producing tissue paper involves drying the tissue using a so-called yankee cylinder equipped with drying hoods. Fossil gas such as LPG or natural gas is combusted in order to produce hot flue gases which are blowed through the drying hood and onto the tissue paper surface in order for it to dry.

The quality demands on tissue paper are high- visual imperfections or odors caused by particles originating from the flue gases are unacceptable.

Meva Energy has together with RISE Research Institute of Sweden carried out extensive testing including exhaust gas measurements with tube-diode laser, particle impactor and even yankee cylinder paper drying with a clear and concise results:

  • Full flame stability with 100% syngas (no LPG enrichening)
  • Very low levels of particles in the exhaust gases 
  • No traces of odors or visual imperfections on the paper