Our health

One important aspect for us to live and prosper is the quality of the air we breathe. We recently learned that 75% of Europe’s urban population are exposed to particle levels above WHO guidelines. In fact, it is calculated that the life of these people could be prolonged with on average 8 months and up to 2 years if we could remove the issues with air pollution. And that is figures for Europe, not for one of the world’s dirties cities. At least, these numbers inspires us at Meva Energy to improve the situation.

Many geographical areas today have introduced restrictions on air pollution and need to take actions in order to improve the life quality of the citizens, e.g. China’s blue sky initiative. Unfortunately, traditional bioenergy boilers also contribute to this issue even though they are using renewable resources. Today’s limits within European Union on emissions on 50mg/Nm3 of dust/particles are quite hard for many existing bioenergy boilers to meet due to direct combustion of the biomass. Meva Energy gasification process is a solution to this problem. The hot flue gases from a Meva Energy plant is even below 1 mg/Nm3 of particles. Meva Energy CHP and gas units could therefore be placed in both rural and urban environment.