Meva Energy provides small, circular energy systems with a minimum of distribution and parasitic losses. Our product is a unique patented biomass gasification system. A stable technology that in contrast to many other renewable energy sources is not dependent on the weather, i.e. sun, wind, rain or waves.

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Meva Highlights

Meva Energy and 2JCP signs general supply agreement

Meva Energy signs a general supply agreement with engineering and manufacturing company 2JCP. Being a leading European steel-works manufacturer within the oil and gas and power production industries 2JCP will supply advanced engineering services, manufacturing ability and also installation services to Meva Energy.

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About our technology and how it works

Whether with wood-based feedstock or agricultural residue, our technology can be applied with many different industries.

Learn how it works and how it integrates with residues sources and energy needs in this short film.


The complete energy consumption of 1,795,000 private homes. As many as all private homes in Sweden.


225,000 tanker trucks of gasoline. Put them after each other and the queue will stretch from Stockholm to Rome.

66 billion

Driving a car 66 billion kilometers. That is equal to driving 1.6 million times around the earths circumference.

The total accessible market for biomass gasification in Europe is estimated to be in excess of EUR 10 billion.

“Our mission is to provide highly efficient gasification technology in order to meet industrial demands of renewable gas or power.”

Real life story

According to the European Sawmill organization, about 85 million m3 of sawn softwood is being produced each year. This represents a production of saw dust and bark of about 30 million tons.

This feedstock resource is today representing a low value as it sits in the saw mills site and the low fraction character makes it difficult to transport. Pellets production is of limited value and the particle board industry is only in need of a small fraction of the saw dust produced.

A very large part of this resource is just being burned and destroyed. Utilization as fuel to produce power and heat locally at the sawmill without transport with Meva’s technology is an attractive option. The 30 million tons of saw dust and bark is enough to supply some 3,750 Meva Power Plants.


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