Converting residues to renewable energy at site since 2008. Meva locally produces cost-efficient renewable gas and power for manufacturing industry. We believe in a fossil free industry where no resources are wasted, and no fossil emissions are created.
Unique patented biomass gasification
local circular energy system at your facility
Utilizes biomass in an efficient and profitable way

Green tissue production  touched by Meva.

Meva Energy´s renewable gas producing plant are replacing fossil gas consumption at Sofidel’s tissue mill in Kisa, Sweden. Switching to renewable Meva gas, it is estimated that the mill will reduce its CO2 emissions by 8500 tons per year compared with the carbon footprint of today’s consumption of fossil LPG. By utilizing the generated biochar, a total of 10,300 tons of Co2 can be reduced.

Sofidel, Kisa plant

Uniqe, patented gasification technology

Whether with wood-based feedstock or agricultural residue, our technology can be applied with many different industries.
Learn how it works and how it integrates with residues sources and energy needs in this short film.


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