Biosyngas is a renewable gas produced by thermal gasification of low-quality biomass residues. Biosyngas can be used to replace fossil gas in process heating or to produce electricity and heat (Combined Heat and Power, CHP). 

In relation to other biogases, the energy carriers in biosyngas are mainly Carbon monoxide (CO) and Hydrogen gas (H2) and only a small amount of Methane gas (CH4).    


Meva Energy’s technology makes it possible to use fine fraction biomass waste streams generated at site to produce high quality renewable gas. This generates a local and circular energy systems, independent of the global energy system.



  • Full flame stability with 100% BioSyngas (no LPG enriching)
  • Very low levels of particles in the exhaust gases
  • No traces of odors or visual imperfections
  • Functionality with several standard burner types such as: corner-, duct- and swirl burners
  • Possible to co-fire LPG/NG and renewable BioSyngas in the same burner
  • No need to redesign or expand existing burner chambers
    All results verified by Swedish research institute, RISE