”I always strive for the best form, for me and for others.”

In Life at Meva by Elsa Kayser

As a former elite-team swimrunner, Rickard Berglund understands the importance of collaboration for optimal performance. Having conquered challenges in the athletic arena where teamwork and precision are most important, Rickard brings a valuable perspective to his current role as Discipline Lead Mechanical & Piping.

Rickard’s journey with Meva Energy began in 2019, being part of building up our very first production facility. His primary focus has been on overseeing a broad scope of responsibilities to guarantee the overall functionality of the plant, all while empowering his colleagues to deliver efficiently.

“What I find most enjoyable about my job is the need to be versatile, making sure everything comes together smoothly for successful outcomes,” says Rickard. His commitment to versatility reflects his experiences as a swimrunner, where adaptability and agility are key components of success.

Growing up, Rickard was a successful swimmer, spending many training hours together with his team in the pool.

”A key lesson from my swimming career is that you yourself have to add something positive to the group in order to ultimately be able to perform yourself. If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to put in the work. Achieving success in the swimming pool requires not only talent but also persistence and dedication. It’s about getting up early, fighting through tough training sessions and sticking to the goals when it feels most challenging. ”

“I think that’s what me as a swimmer and me at work have in common, I always strive for the best form, for me and for others.”

At Meva Energy, Rickard is inspired by the collective drive of the team to move forward. He emphasizes the importance of mutual support and collaboration.

“Something that I find striking at Meva Energy is that everyone has a drive to move forward and that you know that you cannot succeed on your own. We need each other to be able to perform ourselves.”

Photo: OtillO Gothenburg. By: Jean-Marie Gueye.