Presentation about renewable syngas for the tissue industry at Tissue World 2019

In News by Meva Energy

In Milan, the tissue Industry gathered for Tissue World 2019 and a key topic was sustainability. Thomas Bräck from Meva held a presentation addressing the key remaining fossil emissions, combustion of fossil gas to generate heat for tissue drying. Through extensive test campaigns together with research institutes and burner suppliers it has been verified that syngas from Meva Energy’s gasification process can be used to replace fossil natural gas or LPG in tissue drying hoods.

The renewable syngas meets the high demands within the tissue industry:

  • Complete combustion
  • Stable flame
  • Enough heating value
  • No particles or odor on the tissue
  • Can be co-fired with NG/LPG
  • No need to redesign or expand existing combustion chambers