Fredrik Ahlström as new CFO at Meva Energy

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Meva Energy has appointed a new addition to the management team and welcomes Fredrik Ahlström. With a solid career and a proven track record in financial leadership, Fredrik Ahlström is set to bring a new dimension of expertise and innovation to the company’s financial strategy in his new roll as a Chief Financial Officer.

Fredrik has extensive experience in financial management and has held various CFO positions within international groups throughout his career. His background includes a diverse range of sectors, from large-scale processing industries that share important parallels with Meva Energy’s target markets, to the business challenges in commercialization of new innovative technologies.

For Meva Energy, sustainability is not only an environmental issue, but also a financial matter. As CFO, Fredrik Ahlström will be responsible for bringing these two aspects together by ensuring that the company’s financial decisions support its vision and goals.

What will you begin to focus on in your new role?

Our first installations now commissioned are important to build market confidence in the technology. One focus on my side is to further develop the finances of the production plants and to utilize our advantages into a cost competitive biogas product. In addition, the company is in a considerable growth, and I will contribute to the many areas of business and finance processes to make this phase a success.” says Fredrik Ahlström.

In a sector where technological innovation and sustainability goals go hand in hand, a strong financial foundation is critical to achieving success. With the employment of Fredrik, Meva Energy not only get considerable competence but also a colleague with the same interest in the climate issue.

Why did you choose to start at Meva Energy?

One global megatrend is the growing demand for clean energy sources. I was thrilled to learn about Meva’s potential in recycling industrial waste and other biomass material into biogas. It’s a unique position in making biogas affordable in scalable local production units. For me personally, supporting market development and building business processes for growth is a professional mission. We made a great match and I’m all excited to join.

The company’s target is to reduce the manufacturing industry’s climate footprint and to radically decrease its dependence on fossil resources. What do you think is the key to fulfilling these goals?

The ultimate challenge to reach large scale impact will be to offer sustainable solutions with low investment thresholds and attractive returns. When the climate friendly alternatives provide not only environmental merits but also commercial advantages the volumes can grow significantly. Companies like Meva Energy, that make green investments good business, will be the ones to facilitate the changover.

”As we now pursue our strategic goals and explore rapid growth opportunities, Fredrik’s financial competence and leadership will be crucial in ensuring sound financial management and supporting our overall business strategy.” says Niclas Davidsson, CEO, Meva Energy.

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