Transforming Waste into Value – Chairman outlines his vision for Meva Energy’s future

In News by Elsa Kayser

Morgan Sadarangani joined the company as a board member in 2017. Since 2019, Morgan has served as Chairman of the board, leading Meva Energy through a transformative journey of verification, commercialization, and the delivery of our technology. Meet our Chairmain as he offers a glimpse into Meva Energys potential to revolutionize the energy industry and address pressing environmental challenges.

Can you describe your view of Meva Energy’s journey so far?

In 2017, I got to know a tech-focused company that was primarily focused on proving the effectiveness of the Hortlax test facility. A few years later, when I became the company’s chairman, I joined them in their journey to attract their first customers. This was a significant shift, moving from understanding and mastering the technology to actively getting customers on board. This big step also led to the growth of our team, acquiring new skills, and making substantial investments. Today, our company is well-prepared, with a proven technology, great customers and owners, a growing team, and the readiness to roll out many more Meva facilities.

Where do you see that Meva Energy can make the most impact?

I tend to think of Meva Energy in 2 ways, firstly that there is a replacement value that we bring. We can replace fossil gas with Meva Energy’s renewable biosyngas. That in itself has great value and allows us to phase out fossil fuels in many different industrial applications.

The other great value is taking a waste product and making something useful out of it. Take something that today has a low or negative value and convert it to e.g. electricity, gas and biochar. Its a important refining value in what we do.

Can you share your overall vision for the company’s future development?

My overall vision is that Meva Energy should be able to spread its technology all over the world where waste problems exist and use forgotten resources to generate energy. There are no limits to where I see the potential for Meva facilities. Our goal is to become the leading gasification technology company globally in our specialized industry.

What are the most important goals for the company in the short term?

In the short term, the absolutely most important thing for us now is to get our first Sofidel facility up and running. This project represents a crucial step in demonstrating the practicality and effectiveness of our technology.  Once accomplished, Meva Energy aims to optimize our processes and gather valuable insights to pave the way for a larger-scale global rollout.

What trends do you think will impact our industry the most in the coming years?

Certainly, Renewable Energy Adoption, Carbon Neutrality and Circular Economy are influential trends, serving as powerful driving forces. Decentralized electricity production, which doesn’t rely on extensive international grids, is also trend I see coming.

As a company that make use of waste products as raw material, I see a plethora of possibilities to contribute to the environment in the long term.

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