Meva Energy appoints Product Manager for Biochar and Carbon Removal

In Life at Meva, News by Elsa Kayser

Meva Energy appoints Emma Arvidsson to the newly established role as Product Manager for Biochar and Carbon Removal. With a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology coupled with a commitment to tackling sustainability challenges, Emma will be a valuable addition to the team.

With a background as a chemical engineer with a master’s degree in sustainable energy systems from Chalmers University of Technology, Emma holds a solid understanding of the technical and sustainability challenges facing the industry. Prior to joining Meva, Emma worked as a process engineer at Processus, focusing primarily on projects within the food and energy sectors.

Why did you choose to start at Meva Energy?

”I wanted to work on issues surrounding sustainability and climate change, as they are some of the most pressing challenges of our time. When I came across the opportunity at Meva, it felt like a perfect fit. Meva’s commitment to addressing these critical issues aligns perfectly with my own passion and dedication.”

In this new role, Emma will start focus on determining the commercial solution for the biochar produced at Meva’s second facility at IKEA’s factory in Zbaszynek, Poland. By closely collaborating with the market and understanding its needs, Emma will play a central role in shaping Meva’s future in biochar and carbon removal.

The company’s target is to reduce the manufacturing industry’s climate footprint and to radically decrease its dependence on fossil resources. How do you think biochar can be a part of this?

“Biochar is an incredibly exciting material with many different applications! In my role, I aim to ensure that the biochar produced at Meva’s facilities can be used in applications where it can be recognized as a carbon sink to the greatest extent possible. To tackle climate change and meet the 2°C target, we need negative emissions, ensuring that Meva’s biochar becomes a carbon sink is a step in that direction.”

The new appointment underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to leading climate-positive solutions and contributing to a sustainable future.