Peter enhances potato growth with biochar from biomass gasification

In Life at Meva by Elsa Kayser

At home on the west coast of Sweden, Sales Manager, Peter Kvist is utilizing biochar from our gasification plant in Kisa to to enhance the growth of potatoes in his own garden.

Biochar is a valuable by-product from the biosyngas production in Kisa. Due to the high temperature and oxygen limited enviroment in the gasification process, the biochar gets a large surface area and a carbon rich content. By utilizing the biochar for soil improvement, Peter has found a way to integrate it into his own garden.

”I started by enriching the biochar with organic nutrients, followed by incorporating 10-15% biochar into the soil mixture. Afterward, I planted the potatoes in a prepared bucket”.

Biochar is primarily a soil conditioner. Biochar can improve soil structure and retain nutrients and water in the soil. On the other hand, the biochar in itself is not a fertilizer but it functions as a battery, and the battery must be charged with nourishment.

The application of biochar varies depending on factors such as the type of biomass used, heating temperature, duration of exposure to high temperatures, but also the influence of legislation. When adding it in the soil like Peter did, it works as a sponge, soaking up nutrition, moisture and slowly releasing it when the plants need it.” explains Emma Arvidsson Product Manager Biochar and Carbon Removal at Meva Energy.

Biochar binds up to three times its own weight in CO2, and actively reducing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. This means that Peter now has a carbon sink in his own garden.

I’ve always been interested in sustainability and how we can use resources efficiently. Now I will continue to enhance the rest of my garden and I will start with my chili plants!” says Peter.