Sara Palander as new Sustainability Manager at Meva Energy

In News by Elsa Kayser

As a big step forward on Mevas Energy’s sustainability journey, we are happy to announce that Sara Palander joined the company in the newly established role as a Sustainability Manager.

Sara has many years of experience in sustainability work within the national competence center at Chalmers University of Technology ”Swedish Life Cycle Center” which aims to develop knowledge in the life cycle field with its adjacent areas and its functional in industry and other parts of society. Sara started at Meva Energy in January with the aim to be involved in solving the transition to a fossil-independent industry.

What will you begin to focus on in your new role as Sustainability Manager?

”In a company with such great drive and high interest from stakeholders, I got to start right away and was quickly involved in several exciting activities and projects. There are many ongoing issues on the table and when working with sustainability issues there are many aspects to take into account. So in parallel with getting an overview of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues and which processes we have in place and will develop, I will also focus on potential areas of use for biochar as a carbon sink in the future. Biochar has several exciting application areas with several good effects in, for example, agriculture, forestry and animal keeping. It feels exciting to be part of a company that bases its entire business on helping to solve the transition to fossil-independent industry.” says Sara Palander.

The company’s target is to reduce the manufacturing industry’s climate footprint and to radically decrease its dependence on fossil resources. Sustainability is of strategic importance for Meva Energy, both as an internal and external driving force.

What do you think is the key to fulfilling our sustainability goals?

Cooperation. We need to collaborate with our existing and potential customers and suppliers, for both our gasification technology and adapting it to the customer’s needs, but also collaboration around the biochar to better understand its effects and benefits. Here, academia and research institutes also come in as important actors in the research that is needed. I also believe that our industry and technology need to spread knowledge about our operations and technology to authorities and policy makers so that together we can change the industry at a faster pace. Brave decisions will have to be made here!” says Sara Palander.

Sara will lead the development of the company’s strategy to reduce the climate footprint both during the construction of facilities and during operation.

It is very exciting to be able to welcome Sara to Meva Energy as we now accelerate our sustainability work. With her knowledge and experience from research and academia, she will be very valuable in the work to achieve our sustainability goals” says Niclas Davidsson, CEO at Meva Energy.

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